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MARCH 2014
Pain removed. Life improved.
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Healthy, Happy Cat
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2013's Luckiest and Heroic Pets

Pain removed. Life improved.
Cats, Cars, and Cold Weather
Cat Eat Something Weird?
Dog Eat Something Weird?

The Lowdown on Lepto by Dr. Barchas

The 2017 outbreak of Lepto (leptospirosis) in the Bay Area caused growing health concerns. Dr. Barchas writes about the risks to dogs and the people who love them.

Read Dr. Barchas' article >>>
Dr. Salinger Retires

I am writing this to let you know that I am retiring. I am very sad to say goodbye to so many people and animals I love.

Thank You.

Your friendship and trust over so many years has been so gratifying to me. It has been an honor to care for your loved ones. I will carry so many memories of you and your companions with me.

I would not be able to leave practice without the confidence that the hospital staff, you, and your loved ones are left in the best of hands. Dr Eric Barchas is the perfect person to steward the legacy of San Bruno Pet Hospital. Confident that the future is secure for the San Bruno Pet Family I am grateful to have the health and opportunity to start a new chapter in my life. I am very excited to take the time to do the things I never had time for.

With Love and Respect,
Dr. Elaine D. Salinger VMD

Cats and Cars in Cold Weather

During the cold winter months cats will often seek out any warm space they can find. If it's the cozy confines of a warm car, they may be injured when the car is started or moved.

Help keep cats safe this winter with these tips >>>

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