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Fear Free Vet Visit Part II
Last month, we sent an article about how to make your pet's visit to the vet a happy one. Since then, we?ve given some of our scared feline patients Gabapentin at home, an hour before their appointments. Owners report that their cats are affectionate, not hiding, and show their normal outgoing and friendly behavior during and after the visit. And Gabapentin does not affect the blood pressure, making it possible to do this very important test during the visit. Remember to call and ask your doctor about trying Gabapentin before your next appointment if you think your cat might be happier.

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How to Brush Your Pet's Teeth and Why
A good home dental care regimen can help your pet stay healthy and even save you money by prolonging the need for dental cleanings or tooth extractions.

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Choosing A Rabbit
February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month and if you're thinking about joining the millions who enjoy the company of these itelligent, affectionate, funny and social animals, please read our article "Read Up on Rabbits - Before You Adopt".
10 Simple but Effective Dog Training Tips
Here's a short article on ways to make dog training easier, and keep you less frustrated.

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