San Bruno Pet Hospital 1111 El Camino Real
San Bruno, CA 94066
Phone: (650) 583-5039
Fax: (650) 763-8620

Hospital Hours
M-F: 7:30a-6p
Sat: 8a-5p
Appointment Hours
M-F 8:30a-5:30p
Sat: 8:30a-4:30p

After Hours Emergency
Emergency Clinic

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NOTE: These are offered
as general information
only and NOT a substitute
for a visit to your
veterinarian. If you feel
that your pet has a
problem that may require
urgent attention
call us at (650) 583-5039
immediately. If after hours,
contact the emergency
clinic (650) 348-2575.
If your Pet has been Prescribed a
Controlled Substance

If you have any questions or concerns, you should always visit or call San Bruno Pet -- they are your best resource to ensure the health and well-being of your pets.

Please plan ahead and allow 24 hours for your pet’s prescriptions to be refilled. A 24-hour notice is required to give your doctor time to review your pet’s medical record, make sure no changes are needed to the prescription, and approve the refill. For the safety of your pet, certain medications require blood testing and checkups at specific intervals in order for your pet to continue on the medication. In addition, it also gives our staff time to fill the prescription.

We are required by California Law to collect the purchaser’s date of birth if any narcotics or controlled substances are dispensed.

When giving the drug
  • Keep medication bottles out of reach of your pets and children.
    • Keep the medicines in the containers in which you received them, and store them at the temperature indicated by your veterinarian. Don’t transfer the contents to another bottle or vial.
    • Because pets' medication can be similar or the same as your medications, store them separately to eliminate the error of taking your pet's medication or giving your pet your medication.
  • Always follow the label directions. If you have any questions about the medication, ask your veterinarian.
    • If your pet is on more than one medication, be very careful to give each medication as prescribed and according to label directions. The dose for the same pet can be very different among drugs, and you don’t want to give your pet too much or too little of its medication because you mixed up the labels.
    • Never use one pet’s medication for another pet unless you are instructed to do so by your veterinarian. Never use your dog’s medication in your cat, because drugs that may be safe in dogs may not be safe in cats.
  • Contact your veterinarian if you miss a dose or if you give too much (overdose) of the drug. If an overdose occurs during a time when your veterinarian’s office is closed, contact an emergency service or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 (a fee may apply).
When you no longer need the medication
Properly dispose of expired and unused drugs. We are forbidden by state and Federal law to take back any controlled substances.

Search online drug disposal locatoions near you: https://awarerx.pharmacy

Prescription Refunds
Any prescription medication that has left the building, regardless of whether or not it has been opened, CANNOT BE RETURNED. As all of our medications are regulated by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) we are subject to the same dispensing laws as human pharmacies. California State Health Code forbids the resale of any prescription medication that has been dispensed to a patient. To eliminate this problem, it is prudent to buy only small quantities of a medication that your animal has not taken previously until you know that the animal tolerates the therapy.