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NOTE: These are offered
as general information
only and NOT a substitute
for a visit to your
veterinarian. If you feel
that your pet has a
problem that may require
urgent attention
call us at (650) 583-5039
immediately. If after hours,
contact the emergency
clinic (650) 348-2575.
A Fear Free Visit to the Vet
Your pet's health and happiness are very important to us. And we want you and your pet to be as happy as possible during your visit to see us. If it is medically appropriate, we will offer your pet lots of treats during your visit. We have many tasty treats, but if you have favorite treats, bring them with you. 

If you know your pet is more motivated by play rather than food, let us know. If there is a favorite toy, bring it with you. And we have lots of toys at the hospital too. Ask for your pet's favorite toy if you did not bring one with you.  

Bring pets hungry. If it is safe for your pet's health, do not offer food at home for several hours and offer a smaller breakfast. This will make your pet more food motivated. Our goal is to keep your dog or cat focused on getting treats and love during the visit. 

De-stress the carrier.  Make the carrier a fun place to be: Use it as a regular place to feed treats, deliver toys, and spray it with pheromones half an hour before putting the cat into the carrier.

Use tools if you have them. If your pet is nervous and you have a thunder shirt, bring it with you or put it on before getting into the car. If you would like information about Thundershirts, please ask us. 

Medication. Some pets have a history of really being scared at the vets. If this is the case, please call and speak with your doctor. We have medication you can give before you leave the house that may be very helpful. Examples of medications that reduce anxiety without making your pet less alert are Trzadone for dogs and Gabapentin for cats. And hopefully, over time, your pet will learn to love coming to see us if the fear is not reinforced during future visits. 

Acclimate nervous pets. If you sense that your pet is anxious during a visit, we encourage you to bring your pet to the hospital between appointments to play and eat a few treats to create a positive association. We offer this at no charge. We also encourage you to day board your pet with us several times. Ideally, this would be a day when we would only pet and play and offer treats. There is a $24 fee for day boarding. 

Massage. While your pet is being examined, try massaging the head between the eyes and down the bridge of the nose. This works on dogs and cats. Rabbits prefer to have the area between their ears massaged. 

Dr Elaine Salinger VMD
Medical Director