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Creative Exercises for Your Dog

With seasons changing most of us will be moving away from extreme temperatures. This is a great time to get out and exercise your dog. Here are some creative ways to play!

1. Work out with your dog
Exercising doesn’t have to be boring. This routine can benefit you both.

2. Horse toys, not just for horses
Not all horse toys are meant for dogs but as long as the dog is an appropriate size to using such a toy and that there are no medical conditions that would contraindicate its use, it’s fair game. You’re not likely to find horse toys at your average supermarket or pet store, but don’t disregard them.

3. Use a laser pointer or play hide and seek
And you thought laser pointers were just for cats. Some dogs love to chase that little light around. It is very important to keep the laser out of your pup’s eyes, as well as your own. If your pup doesn’t seem interested in the laser pointer there’s always hide & seek. Dogs love expressing their love to you when you come home, imagine how they’ll feel when they find you. All you need to do is hide, call your pup’s name, and when the find you give ‘em a nice big hug and a treat.

4. Dog Parks
Dog parks are a great way to get your dog some exercise and also help them socialize. Before heading off for a day of fun remember to always pack water, some treats, doggy bags, a sweater if your dog gets cold easily, and anything else you may need. Bring appropriate toys, like a tennis ball so your pup won’t try to snack on any treats that could cause serious injuries. If there’s snow on the ground, be sure to check to make sure there’s no ice or rocks that could your dog may get hurt on while having fun. Also be aware of any other dogs who are at the park.