1111 El Camino Real - San Bruno, CA 94066 | (650) 583-5039

1111 El Camino Real - San Bruno, CA 94066 | (650) 583-5039

Helpful Links

Emergency Information

North Peninsula Veterinary Emergency Clinic 
(650) 648-2575
Provides intensive care for pets that are seriously ill or injured outside of Veterinarian Hospital’s regular hours of operation.

Animal Poison Hotline
(888) 232-8870
A 24 hour hotline staffed by veterinary professionals, toxicologists, and pharmacologists for pet owners and veterinarians.

SAGE Veterinary Centers San Francisco
Phone: (415) 566-0540
600 Alabama Street, San Francisco, CA, 94110

Poisonous Plants
For list of plants poisonous to pets:
Cornell University Poisonous Plants Database

Other Information

Advantix and other animal health products

Feline Diabetes

Cats indoors
The Indoor Pet Initiative

Cat procedures (e.g. brusing teeth):
Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Dental care products
Hills t/d Pet Food
Sanos Dental Sealant

Flea and tick control recommended:
Activyl Protector Band Tick Collar for Dogs
Trifexis for Dogs 
Revolution for Cats

Health and disease
UCDavis School of Veterinary Medicine

Health certificates for travel
APHIS Pet Travel Website

Trupanion Medical Insurance for Your Pet
Pets Best Insurance
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Medical information (general)

Medication by brand and generic name:

Hill’s Pet Care Center

Parent’s guide, happy kids, healthy pets
Raising Kids and Pets Together: A Guide For Harmony in the Household

Payment options

Quality of Life
Quality of Life Scale for Pets

Rabbit Care Tips
House Rabbit Society

Delta Society


Vet Technicians
Education for tomorrow’s vet techs

Weight loss and management
More info on Diet and Excercise

Dog Training Academy

Revolution, Simparica and Simparica Trio Rebate Rewards