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1111 El Camino Real - San Bruno, CA 94066 | (650) 583-5039


Raising Kids and Pets Together: A Guide For Harmony in the Household

What could be cuter than babies or puppies? Putting the two together, of course! And little ones playing with the family dog can be even cuter. That is, until they… Read more

Important Reminders – September 2021

Pull Over and Show Me Your License! Don’t you hate when that happens? While your pup can’t drive, he does need a license! If you recently adopted a new furry… Read more

September: Responsible Dog Ownership Month

Who’s a Good Owner? You are! Give yourself a treat! September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month, and we want to thank you for being your dog’s caregiver, advocate and very best… Read more

The Scoop on Poop

Why bring a stool sample?  You already know how important it is to protect your pet from external parasites like fleas and ticks. But intestinal parasites are just as big… Read more

Dachshund Through The Snow

This year, holidays are bound to be different—for people and their pets. We hope you’ll embrace the holiday spirit by doing something fun to end the year in a paw-sitive… Read more

Benefits of Pets for Kids

There are as many reasons for having a pet as there are families who have one. Some parents want their children to learn about responsibility, and they pick out a… Read more

July 4th Safety

Barbeques, fireworks, and fun—the 4th of July is a great holiday, but it can bring some hazards for your pet. Here are some tips for keeping your animal friend safe while… Read more

New Puppy Training Tips for Quarantine

One of the bright spots in these otherwise difficult times is the fact that the adoption of pets increased greatly in the past few months. If you are one of… Read more

Protect Your Dog from Leptospirosis

Summer time means adventure time! If you have a pet dog that loves going on fun expeditions, especially beach trips, then it’s important to be aware of leptospirosis, which is… Read more

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