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Never Assume These Are Safe for Pets

Most of us have heard that chocolate is bad for dogs, but might not be aware of some other things that may not be pet safe. Here are 5 that could be sitting in your house.

1. Medications
Never assume that a human medication is safe for your pet. Even though human medications may sometimes be prescribed for animals the dosages are rarely the same. Even over-the-counter medications can be toxic. Always check with San Bruno Pet and check out this video for more.

2. Sago Palm
The sago palm is often used as an ornamental plant. All parts of this attractive plant are poisonous. More info.

3. Asthma Inhalers
Asthma inhalers make a tempting chew toy for dogs. They can also contain albuterol which may cause seizures, shock or even death. Here’s more on how to protect your pooch from this disaster.

4. Milk
We’ve all seen the classic cartoon of a cat sipping on milk, but the truth is milk does not always agree with our felines. Did you know that some cats are actually lactose intolerant? So make sure your kitty gets cat-appropriate treats in lieu of milk to avoid indegestion, vomiting and diarrhea. Learn more about why you should avoid giving your cat milk in this ASPCA article.

5. Lead
Hopefully there’s not too much lead around your house. Still, you may be surprised by common sources: fishing sinkers, paint, and even bullets. Here’s more info about the dangers of lead poisoning in Dogs and Cats.