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If You are Thinking about Adopting a Pet

Each breed of animal has very definite characteristics. Some of these characteristics determine the look of the breed. But other characteristics are not so easy to see. The personality of each breed has been carefully shaped just as the outward appearance has been shaped. For a pet to be a good fit for your family, it is important to pick a breed that will meet your expectations. Some dogs are just getting warmed up by the fifth mile, some dogs are delighted to sit in your lap after a stroll around the block. Some cats require an hour of brushing twice a week, some cats don’t need any brushing but really like a game of ball retrieving. Some tortoises do better living outside but love to be hand fed. Some turtles are shyer; others are more aggressive. Each animal is an individual, and to some extent, you can shape their behavior with early training and socialization. But each breed does have certain very strong characteristics. And it is important to talk to someone knowledgeable before you adopt.

The staff at San Bruno Pet Hospital is committed to helping you have a long, healthy, and happy relationship with your pet. We are available to consult with you prior to adopting your pet to ensure that your pet will be a good fit with your lifestyle. Or you can stop by and pick up a free book called “Before You Get Your Puppy” by Dr. Ian Dunbar. You may also download the book at Dr. Dunbar’s website, Dogstardaily.com.