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Youtube Videos

Flea Control
Not only do fleas make pets uncomfortable, they pose a health risk to your family. Find out how to control these persistent pests. (5:52)

Why Does My Dog Scoot?
It may look comical, but the cause may be a risk to your pet’s health. (3:36)

Check Up Frequency
Dr. Salinger talks about how checkups benefit your pet, and save you money in the future. (2:36)

Check-Ups and Your Pet
Find out about what should be covered in a checkup. Dr. Salinger also advises about the efficacy of some popular medicines. (5:58)

Motion Sickness in Pets
The suffering affecting millions of dogs and cats is needless with today’s treatments. (2:20)

How can you protect your pet in case of disaster? Dr. Salinger talks about the benefits of microchipping with examples from the recent San Bruno gas line explosion and fire. (4:07)